Your movie will return in 20 seconds!

by Abhishek

I think this is pretty old news now but many of you might have seen this message on your TV.

“Movie will return in 20:00 seconds”

This is so brilliant!

Whoever came up with this idea must be rewarded by all the TV channels! It is earning them millions. 

When you see this message chances are that you will stop switching the channels and you will see all the ads for those 20 seconds. I am sure there are different rates for the ads for those 20 seconds. If not, hey I gave you this idea! 🙂

Sometimes small ideas like these make so much difference and they are so simple that they make us say “Ah! Why didn’t I think of that?”

Three cheers for the inventor of this idea.


After reading above post my colleague, who has worked in an analytics space, gave me an interesting intel on this topic.

In his own words:

As per the report this works better if countdown starts right after the break….Initially when they implemented countdown started after 5 mins of ad and people really got frustrated. Also, note that expensive and sponsor ad slots are near the countdown ends as people do take a break and go away from the channel till they reach final 20-30 seconds of countdown. So it’s unfair for people giving ad in the middle of the break. While earlier it was the prime slot as people assumed that by this time movie would have started but it’s not.!!!! that was frustrating for viewers and unfair for sponsors and that’s why all channel started 2 mins break (by strict measure) to implement this idea. However, shifting of viewers is surely observed as we did analysis of viewership data collected right from the set-top boxes and people tend to come back when countdown comes near to completion.