Single biggest advantage you may have over your competition

by Abhishek

Most important lesson for all the Entrepreneurs:

Always be available for your customers. 
As an entrepreneur tough time will always be there for you. Customers will be yelling at you and they will lose confidence in you or your team at some point. This is all part and parcel of the game. But one thing which will keep you adorable always is “If you remain available always!”
Yes when your customer screams and complains, be there, be available.
On email, on phone, always 24×7
This will be the single biggest advantage you may have over your competition.
Listen to what they have to say and try your best to resolve the issue. Even if it is not done respond in time. 
Lesson learned personally from a very dear client of mine who is not happy with my team recently but she said 
“You are still the most preferred vendor for me because you always pick up my call”
Now that’s good for me, isn’t it?