Lessons learned in 30 years of programming

by Abhishek

I hope following tenants from an experienced programmer will help you become a good programmer.

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1. It pays to share everything you know. I want to work on new things. I want to learn. If you are secretive, you are pigeon holed. Plus you will have fewer friends and the boss will try to find a way to get rid of you. If you know your stuff and work hard you will have no employment issues. You can get a new job in any economy. 

2. Give people credit, even if they don’t deserve it. They will become more loyal than you can imagine. If you have confidence in yourself, it doesn’t matter who gets accolades for your work and your team’s work. 

3. Don’t play any blame games. It doesn’t matter who put the bug in. Again, your co-workers will be more loyal to you if you soft-pedal problems they introduce. I often apologize for bugs found, and gently argue with people that it was indeed my fault, when we both know it wasn’t. 

4. When the code is good enough, stop working on it. There are so many things more deserving of your attention. 

5. Work hard. Don’t screw around on the company’s time. The hours will go by so much faster and be so much more fun. 

6. Lighten up. It isn’t life or death. 

7. Take time for yourself and your family. Don’t take home a laptop. Don’t get on to the work network from home. 

8. Keep studying. It is fun to keep your skills sharp. 

9. Keep regular hours. People don’t need to be able to set their watches by you, but should be able to predict accurately when you will arrive and when you will leave. you will be much happier if you do this. 

10. Don’t fool with fools who’ll turn away. Keep all good company.