Less is More. Say NO to Bloated Software.

by Abhishek

As a Customized Software Development company, we have to build software as per client’s requirements. It is as simple as that. 

Due to popularity of Facebook, Twitter and all such Social Networking sites, many of my clients want features like them in their website or application. Now I am a big fan of social networking stuff as you might know but I am not a big fan of having these features unnecessarily.

For that matter no software should have features which are not “really really really important” (at least in first version)

Software is becoming too complicated now a days and I am not sure how long people will be able to tolerate such complicated software.

Clients keep asking to add features to their software to please their clients or users and its a vicious cycle. Because of that their software becomes too big, too complicated and too bloated to handle and maintain.

And Software companies like us keep profiting from such feature requests, helps client make their software bloated and then profit from maintaining that!

I am not a big fan of such practices and I am not sure how long will they last.

I am in love with philosophy of a company called 37signals.com.

“Less is More”

If you would like to build a successful software you should start with very little functionality.

Just build the core functionality of your software and put it before your audience. That’s it. Have them use it first.

Do not focus on anything else which is not core. They are not important right now.

Doing less has its own advantages. 
  • Less is flexible. 
  • Less is easy to understand. 
  • Less is less complicated. 
If you are planning to build a software, I suggest you to list down all the features you want and ask this question to yourself for each feature.

Do you really really need this? Are your users not going to use your software if you do not have this?

This question will help you filter out most of the unwanted features and you will make it a slick, to the point system. That is a path to success in software world.

I have borrowed all these knowledge from a books called “Getting Real” and “Rework” by 37Signals.com founders. Read the book online at http://gettingreal.37signals.com/. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to build a software or somehow is related to Software and Entrepreneurship respectively.