iPhone upgrade to 2.0.1 firmware

by Abhishek

Yesterday I was too anxious to update my iPhone firmware from 1.1.4 to 2.0.1 to access the Appstore. I was feeling left out in Techworld as I was not able to access that shiny new store Apple has opened for iPhone.

After my failed attempt to upgrade previously using the iClarified tutorial, I decided to give it a try again in daytime. This meant that I can lose important calls from people during daytime when I am upgrading! But I was determined to do it.

Well all did not go as expected and I was there with a dead brick for 2-3 hours. But I was only at fault. I was finding a new thing every time I read the iClarified tutorial. Finally I got how to get your iPhone into DFU mode and that worked!

I was having new shiny fantastic 2.0.1 version in my first generation iPhone now. But now what? I did not see any EDGE option over there? oops!

So when I am not in wifi I can not access internet using my Vodafone Mobile Connect plan (VMC). It is not EDGE but it is slightly faster than a GPRS connection in India and is not that much costly to have. It does not give you great speed but it will work for checking emails, browsing sites and twittering from iPhone.

So now what to do? I was sleepless. I have to get my VMC up and running else there is no point of having that plan or there is no point of having upgraded version of firmware.

But where there is a will there is a way. I googled for sometime in using wi-fi connection at home and finally I found a solution

So if you are like me who is stuck with version 2.0.1 firmware in your iPhone 2G then follow these steps

1) Find a wifi spot and get your iPhone working

2) Open http://unlockit.co.nz


Click on Continue to Next Page

3) Indian Vodafone users click on Set Custom APN


4) Set Custom APN to www


5) Now it will ask you to download and install custom config file. It will create a new option called “Profile” in your iPhone. Go to Settings -> General -> Profile to remove the config.

Just restart the iPhone and you are ready to rock ‘n’ roll using Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC) service.

I love iClarified and iPhone is the best ever phone I have ever used 🙂