Difference between a software developer and a good software developer

by Abhishek

What is the difference between a software developer and a good software developer?

A good developer:

  1. develops software keeping target audience in mind
  2. does not get attracted to include unnecessary features which clients may not need now
  3. releases often and puts it before client
  4. communicates clearly with clients and more often
  5. does not bother clients for small decisions, makes decisions for them (fewer configuration options thus less code, less maintenance)
  6. is a better copywriter (useful help text on forms, careful selection of words for labels, no spelling mistakes)
  7. puts usefulness before technical superiority of the software
  8. is probably a lazier person and thus gets innovative to finish work quickly
  9. takes care of its users when things go wrong
  10. has a better sense of design (UI)

Above is not an exhaustive list and it is in no particular order.

All credit goes to 37Signals team for enabling me to think clear and put me on the path of learning once again.