College Advices Compilation

by Abhishek

Once again I have something to share with you all Computer Science students (CE, IT, MCA, BCA, MSc IT etc).

I recently stumbled up on an old article while reading “Smart and Get Things Done” from Joel Spolsky.

Joel on Software is one of the best blogs for programmers. His blog and this article is a must read for you.ย And yes if you have an Android phone, you can download the app also for that from Android Market. (Disclosure: The app is developed by my company)

OK enough of shameless promotion, let me come back to the point!

After reading above article from Joel, I thought let me find out some more articles from the people I know and trust in the programming world for Computer Science students.

So here is a small compilation for you:

I know it is a lot of reading but I am sure you get a lot of time in college :).

So take time out and read each of the articles carefully (and also the articles linked from them). They can be the single biggest source of inspiration for you throughout your college life.

If you really want to be a programmer, read them, they may change your life!

PS: Do you know any other articles which can help Computer Science students? Please share them in comments.