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Spread the word: Online Voting – e-Voter Registration

I received following email from State Election Commission for e-Voter registration.  The mentioned website in the email opens blank for me on my Mac. May be it works only on IE6 on Windows 98!  But if it works for you, you should go ahead and register yourself as e-Voter.  Also don’t forget to spread the […]

Password does not work after downgrading MacBook from Lion to Snow Leopard?

I downgraded my wife's MacBook from 10.7.3 to 10.6 i.e. from Lion to Snow Leopard. Lion was pathetically slow on her older version of MacBook.  Downgrade went smooth and I could restore the data from Time Machine as well. But after restore somehow the password of admin user was not working. Don't know why.  I […]

Three priceless online resources for learning

Here are three online resources which will help you learn more than what you learn in your school or college. 1) http://academicearth.org/ – Online courses from the world’s top scholars. 2) http://www.khanacademy.org/ – Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything for free. 3) http://www.udacity.com/ – We believe university-level education can be both high quality and low cost. Using the economics of the […]

Windows Phone so far…

I have started using Windows Phone OS 7.5 on Samsung Omnia W I8350 recently.  I wanted to give this new platform a try. Somehow I liked it more than Android even before I used it. I also wanted to see how people design apps for this platform.  It was a hard decision because it means I […]

Steve Jobs street art

I know it’s a terrible painting but having Steve Jobs on the walls of Ahmedabad is something in itself. Sent from my iPhone

Indian Programmers: Let’s prove this guy wrong

I came across a very interesting article few days back. It talks about why the author who is a US based programmer is not afraid of Indian programmers. I don’t agree with him over all but he does have couple of points worth mentioning. 1) “Sure they’re only being charged $14/hour for that work, but […]

What we can learn from Dan Lewis’ “Now I Know” Newsletter

Dan Lewis runs a successful newsletter called “Now I Know”. I came across it from this article on avc.com. This newsletter is one of the very few I have subscribed and I must say it is pretty cool. Dan is doing an amazing job and we can learn a lot from the way he is running it. […]

Do you know Photoshop?

A recent article written by Mahesh Murthy has become one of my favorite articles because following lines struck me and they struck me hard. This was brought home to me some time ago when one of the managers at a company I’d invested in—a bloke who studied at an IIT and worked at one of these IT […]

Copy too… (in Google Docs)

Google Docs are becoming better and better. I came across this feature today which can be a great time saver for many!  I was trying to copy paste a well formatted worksheet from one spreadsheet to another. When I tried pasting the contents in a new spreadsheet, all the formatting was getting lost. I was […]

I am nothing, and so I am finally free to be myself

"By returning to zero expectations, by accepting that I am nothing, it is easier to see the truth." "True self improvement requires becoming a better version of our selves, not a lesser version of someone else." An article worth reading by Paul Buchheit.

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