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Launching “Karma – an ingenious appraisal system designed at Digicorp”

I want a feedback from readers of this blog about the recent initiative we launched in our company. We proudly call it “Karma – an ingenious appraisal system designed at Digicorp.” It is one of the most radical steps we have taken so far in our bid to become a transparent organization. It is a leap of […]


I recently read a book called “Microinteractions” by Dan Saffer. I am fascinated by the concept. And Dan has done a brilliant job explaining it with various examples. So what is a Microinteraction? A microinteraction is a contained product moment that revolves around a single use case – a tiny piece of functionality that only […]

Learn to Design

Recently I came across exceptionally good resources for learning “Design”, which I would like to share with you all but before that, understand what is Design. “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs So with that definition of Design in mind, let’s begin. 1) […]


Due to the nature of my business, I come across various situations where I have to justify one technology platform over the other because client insists on one over the other. Mostly their reasons are not sound but I don’t blame them as software is not their primary business. Few months back I was asked […]

Schools Kill Curiosity

I realized this late but I never really enjoyed the “study” part of the school. I love sports and I played pretty good Football (Soccer) during my schooling so I don’t regret that time of my life but I surely feel, it could have been much better. People who know me will be horrified if […]

Spread the word: Online Voting – e-Voter Registration

I received following email from State Election Commission for e-Voter registration.  The mentioned website in the email opens blank for me on my Mac. May be it works only on IE6 on Windows 98!  But if it works for you, you should go ahead and register yourself as e-Voter.  Also don’t forget to spread the […]

Optimising Response Time

I have to post something which my colleague Kuntal Shah shared on our company’s internal knowledge base ——— Three basic solutions I learnt about optimising response time Reduce number of calls made from client to server Reduce number of queries during a request Reduce time taken by a long query Two common ways to reach […]

Password does not work after downgrading MacBook from Lion to Snow Leopard?

I downgraded my wife's MacBook from 10.7.3 to 10.6 i.e. from Lion to Snow Leopard. Lion was pathetically slow on her older version of MacBook.  Downgrade went smooth and I could restore the data from Time Machine as well. But after restore somehow the password of admin user was not working. Don't know why.  I […]

Google vs Bing

When I do a Google search for words like “Euro 2012” or “French Open 2012”, I immediately get scores of all the past, current and future matches along with their timings in IST. This is EXACTLY what I want.  When I do the same in Bing, all I get is this boring search result. Duh! […]

Best thing about Seth’s blog

One of the best things about reading Seth's blog is the kind of people, sites you stumble upon. From this one amazing article I found 2 amazing blogs http://www.swiss-miss.com/ http://thestoryoftelling.com/blog/ You should add them in your Google Reader if not done already!

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