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Month: May, 2012

Best thing about Seth’s blog

One of the best things about reading Seth's blog is the kind of people, sites you stumble upon. From this one amazing article I found 2 amazing blogs http://www.swiss-miss.com/ http://thestoryoftelling.com/blog/ You should add them in your Google Reader if not done already!

Care More

Few months back I wrote an article called "Single biggest advantage you may have over your competition" I wrote about how being available to your clients always can become a serious advantage of yours. But I would like you to read one more article from Seth Godin.  A simple antidote to a corporatized, unfeeling, profit-maximizing […]

A book and/or an article for project managers

If you are a project manager, you have to read following book (Don't look at the price, its worth it) Making Things Happen by Scott Berkun If you can't read the book, you MUST read following article by the same author http://www.scottberkun.com/blog/2012/how-to-make-things-happen/

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