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Month: October, 2011

Do you know Photoshop?

A recent article written by Mahesh Murthy has become one of my favorite articles because following lines struck me and they struck me hard. This was brought home to me some time ago when one of the managers at a company I’d invested in—a bloke who studied at an IIT and worked at one of these IT […]

Indian Internet Era?

I am amazed by the number of .com commercials on TV. All of them are in buying and selling things online. Some of the commercials I see are of flipkart.com olx.in Quickr.com Letsbuy.com Bestylish.com yebhi.comfashionandyou.comkyazoonga.commyntra.com firstcry.com I am just wondering, is this the start of Internet Era in India or an upcoming bust? I am […]

Are you living someone else’s life?

The demise of Steve Jobs was kind of a shocker for me. He was too precious human being to die this soon.  But it made me ask this question to myself. “Am I living someone else’s life?” Because if I am, it is too sad as life is short and unpredictable and you get only […]


I am reading Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman to improve my business skills (hopefully!). I am liking the book so far because for the first time in my life I understood what is the “Option”! Well at least conceptually. The simplest example for understanding option is a “Movie Ticket”. Yes, “Movie ticket is an option!” […]

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