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Month: March, 2011

Do you really think you will be considered for a job…

Dear Fresh Graduate,Do you really think you will be considered for a job, forget getting a job, when you send your resume to 100 HR emails so that every HR can see other 99 companies you have applied to? Are these companies so cheap that they will jump to get you? If they are, what […]

Never say you don’t have time…

Never say you don't have time to accomplish something, always say it is not the priority right now

Thinking, Process and Philosophy behind the new Digicorp website

I am really excited to break this news to you all. We launched a new Digicorp website on last Saturday!!! No wait…don't go and check it out yet. I wanted to say something before you check it out. I wanted to explain thinking, process, philosophy behind it. I did some brainstorming about what we are […]

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