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Month: February, 2011

Things you should know before you join your first software development company

I know, I have been there. As a fresh graduate you almost don’t know anything about challenges you may face in your first software development job. It is not just about programming, it is a lot more. Our education system simply does not prepare us for that. But fortunately there is internet now! I am […]

My digital life!

In my previous article, Paras commented following:"Hi Abhishek, i have been following your blog for quite a while now. i have just one complain: blog frequently please, if possible! The best thing about your blog posts are that they point to some of the best resources that one can leverage. Like in this post you […]

A good book for Project / Program Managers

There is a great post on "How to be a program manager" written by author, blogger, entrepreneur and programmer Joel Spolsky. One of the few people I have utmost respect for. The post is excellent and a must read for wanna be Program Manager or Project Manager. But right now I am more interested in […]

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