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Month: October, 2009

How Rewards Can Backfire and Reduce Motivation

How Rewards Can Backfire and Reduce Motivation via PsyBlog by Jeremy Dean on 10/12/09 Surely one of the best ways to generate motivation in ourselves and others is by dangling rewards? Yet psychologists have long known that rewards are overrated. The carrot, of carrot-and-stick fame, is not as effective as we’ve been led to believe. […]

Learn English The Gujarati Way

If English is not your native language and you are in an Industry which is highly dependent on English communication, it will be tough for you to come out in crowd and excel. I am one of these people. I am a Gujarati (Resident of Gujarat, India) and I work in IT industry. Gujaratis are […]

Yahoo’s desparate attemp to get hold in India

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