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Month: July, 2009

Bus stops around the world (Interesting…)

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Maybe The Recession Wasn’t So Bad

Maybe The Recession Wasn’t So Bad via Elance Blog RSS Feed by Guest_Blogger on 7/14/09 What is "Cloud Commuting" and what does it mean to business owners and skilled professionals like you? Gene Marks, online columnist and author of the best-selling Streetwise Small Business Book of Lists, gives us his take on the rise of […]

Facebook improves suggest a friend feature

Now you can see number of mutual friends also in there! Small but useful tweak from Facebook.

Unique initiative by Indian government

Web Ratna awards 09 Sent from my iPhone

Password does not get saved in iPhone mail settings

If you are like me who have updated to iPhone 3.0 on your iPhone 3G (not 3Gs) you may face this issue sometime.  Passwords will not remain stored for your mail accounts in the mail application settings. So each time you open up your account in mail application it will ask for you to go […]

Code: It’s Trivial

Code: It's Trivial via Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood on 7/7/09 Remember that Stack Overflow thing we’ve been working on? Some commenters on a recent Hacker News article questioned the pricing of Stack Exchange — essentially, a hosted Stack Overflow: Seems really pricey for a relatively simple software like this. Someone write an open source […]

Windows 7 RC1 Display Drivers for Dell Inspiron 1150

  If you are still using Dell Inspiron 1150 which is having unsupported chipset for Windows 7 you must have faced display drivers issue. When you install Windows 7 beta or Windows 7 RC1 it will take you back to 1990s in terms of screen resolution. Here is the solution: 1) Download the drivers from this […]

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