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abhishek would like you to see this page from Inc.com:  How Hard Could It Be?: Start-up Static

Effective Code Reviews Without the Pain

Dear abhishek,  abhishek (abhishek.desai@gmail.om) wants you to read the following article .  Effective Code Reviews Without the Pain Robert Bogue 01/25/2006   This article can be found online at the following location: http://www.developer.com/java/other/article.php/3579756     Code reviews in most organizations are a painful experience for everyone involved. The developer often feels like it’s a bashing session designed […]

Who’s Your Coding Buddy?

Who's Your Coding Buddy? via Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood on 2/25/09 I am continually amazed how much better my code becomes after I’ve had a peer look at it. I don’t mean a formal review in a meeting room, or making my code open to anonymous public scrutiny on the internet, or some kind […]

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