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Month: November, 2008

Getting Big Projects Done: Balancing Task-Focus with Goal-Focus

Getting Big Projects Done: Balancing Task-Focus with Goal-Focus via PsyBlog by Jeremy (PsyBlog author) on 11/28/08 Psychological research suggests success in big projects depends on shrewd shifts of focus between tasks and goals. Successfully completing large, complex projects can bring great commercial, scientific or artistic rewards. Unfortunately these types of projects, by their very nature, […]

[Jason] Thanksgiving and violence

———- Forwarded message ———-From: Jason Calacanis <jason@calacanis.com> Date: Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 12:51 AMSubject: [Jason] Thanksgiving and violenceTo: jason@binhost.com Team Jason, Apologies for not sending a missive to you guys in weeks–you deserve better. I've been suffering from a little writers block, and I feel that sending you guys anything less than a perfect […]

Is Obama Ready To Be A Two-Way President?

Is Obama Ready To Be A Two-Way President? via TechCrunch by Brian Solis on 11/15/08 Where there’s victory, there’s also opportunity… This Presidential election was profound in its results. Obama won both the Electoral College vote 364 to 163 and the popular vote 53% to 46% with roughly 120,000,000 votes cast. This election was the […]

Disruptive Factories

Disruptive Factories via Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger by Robert Scoble on 11/12/08 Just a few minutes ago I was standing in the middle of a sea of cardboard boxes. They include power supplies for your XXXXXXX. Or new laptops made by XXXXXXXX. Or other consumer electronics goodies from brands you know and love. Sorry, […]

Don’t sell to bar owners

Don't sell to bar owners via Seth's Blog by Seth Godin on 11/12/08 Rama wrote in and asked why I mentioned this. What’s so hard about selling advertising to bar owners, and what can we learn from that? My answer: 1. they’re not eager to buy new stuff (like ads)2. they don’t come to the […]

Coding: It’s Just Writing

Coding: It's Just Writing via Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood on 11/8/08 In The Programming Aphorisms of Strunk and White, James Devlin does a typically excellent job of examining something I’ve been noticing myself over the last five years: The unexpected relationship between writing code and writing. There is perhaps no greater single reference on […]

The 90/10 rule of marketing a job

The 90/10 rule of marketing a job via Seth's Blog by Seth Godin on 11/6/08 Most hiring managers don’t understand organizations that go to extraordinary lengths to find and retain amazing people. And from their point of view, they’re completely correct. Pay market wage, run a classified, process the resumes. Done. It only takes 10% […]

[Jason] The Future of Startups (or “The Opportunity: Experiences over Expenses”)

———- Forwarded message ———-From: Jason Calacanis <jason@calacanis.com> Date: Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 8:00 AMSubject: [Jason] The Future of Startups (or "The Opportunity: Experiences over Expenses")To: jason@binhost.com Location: Mahalo HQ, Santa Monica, CA Monday, November 5th, 6:27PM PST. Word Count: 3,267 Jason's List Subscriber Count: 10,282 List management: http://tinyurl.com/jasonslist Message type: Startups Forwarding instructions: startups, […]


Four things to watch out for as US votes SHASHI THAROOR In two days, in an election that has attracted an unprecedented level of global attention, America elects its 44th president. So much has been written about it, including in this space, that another analysis would be otiose. Instead, here is a quick checklist of […]

reset macbook pro admin password without installation disk

Try this Although there's no real way to recover a lost root password, you can change the root password even if you do not know the current one. You must have physical access to the machine in order to accomplish this task. Click Restart at the login window While the computer is restarting, hold down […]

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