Windows Phone so far…

by Abhishek

I have started using Windows Phone OS 7.5 on Samsung Omnia W I8350 recently. 

I wanted to give this new platform a try. Somehow I liked it more than Android even before I used it. I also wanted to see how people design apps for this platform. 

It was a hard decision because it means I won’t use iPhone as my primary phone!

Now let me quickly give some comments about the hardware
  • Overall the hardware quality is pretty good 
  • It has a plastic feeling on the back side but the screen is nice. 
  • Battery life is great. It beats iPhone in that area. 
  • Camera is wonderful and has a dedicated button.
  • It is robust. I have dropped it 3 times already but not a scratch so far!
Now some good things about Windows Phone OS 7.5.
  • It is original and tile concept is pretty cool. 
  • I like deep integration of Google, Facebook and Twitter in the OS. 
  • The people tile is great. I get to see all the updates, photos of that particular contact from one place.
  • It allows me to link multiple contacts in one. So if I have the same person in facebook, google and in phone, they all become one contact now with all their information merged.
  • I can write on a wall, tweet directly from the contact details
  • Inbuilt photo studio app is fun. I took some panoramic photos and they were awesome.
But like any new OS this one has fair share of issues and I would like to highlight some here.

Apart from simplicity and apps of iPhone, I am missing following in Windows Phone 7.5.
  • It doesn’t remember the copied item in memory
  • It can’t send SMS (text) to multiple people
  • It can’t call the number greater than certain length (I use vodafone calling card to call international numbers and have to add 5 digit special code before the number)
  • It can’t paste the number on keypad
  • It can’t forward the SMS (text)
  • It can’t delete one of the conversations in SMS (text)
  • It does not have Skype yet! I think Skype is already a Microsoft company, what’s taking them so long?
  • It is cumbersome to close apps running in the background


Overall I will give great ratings to this phone. If you look at the price it is totally worth it. I would vote it as the best phone around INR 15k category.

If you are planning to buy a phone, I highly recommend it.