What we can learn from Dan Lewis’ “Now I Know” Newsletter

by Abhishek

Dan Lewis runs a successful newsletter called “Now I Know”. I came across it from this article on avc.com.

This newsletter is one of the very few I have subscribed and I must say it is pretty cool.

Dan is doing an amazing job and we can learn a lot from the way he is running it.

Let’s see what he is doing right: 
  • He comes up with interesting things to share always. Without doubt this is the most important part. I am sure he is spending a lot of time finding the right things to share with his audience.
  • He writes it really really well. He almost always tells a story which is worth reading and grabs your attention instantly. 
  • He has a small little note section on top using which he communicates with his audience. I like it a lot and I think it is novel way to speak to your audience.
  • He encourages subscribers to reply his newsletter email and I am sure he replies all of them back. So it is very easy to say something to Dan.
  • He does not send newsletters on weekends. This way he keeps himself free and does not create unnecessary expectations from his readers.
  • He does take occasional breaks on public holidays which he conveys well in advance. Once again not creating expectations from his readers to deliver on holidays.
  • He introduced “From the archives” section recently and that makes subscribers visit his old articles, which otherwise were unnoticed. So now he makes money from those articles as well. 
  • He earns money mainly via Amazon Affiliate program and I am sure he does take time to find out good products related to the topic he is sharing. Though I am not sure how many are actually buying those stuff.

Recently he has redesigned the newsletter and have added lot of banners. I am not sure how many subscribers are actually clicking them. I feel our eyes are trained enough now to ignore the banners. There is a room for improvement over there. I may be completely wrong here though. It would be nice if Dan shares some statistics about it.

At the end I would like to say, if you are not a subscriber of Dan Lewis’ “Now I Know” newsletter, you are missing a lot.