Thinking, Process and Philosophy behind the new Digicorp website

by Abhishek

I am really excited to break this news to you all.

We launched a new Digicorp website on last Saturday!!! No wait…don't go and check it out yet.

I wanted to say something before you check it out. I wanted to explain thinking, process, philosophy behind it.

I did some brainstorming about what we are as a company and where we are heading. Following are some points I came up with. They are in no particular order, so just go ahead and read them. Also not all of them are implemented in the website but still it is worth going through once.

  • Objective of the website is to provide clarity in complex world of Software.
  • We build Simple and Elegant software for our client. (Or at least we would like to from now on…!)
  • Our development philosophy is to "Get Real" and build "Less Software" (Not all of us are following, but that will happen eventually and we have to start somewhere)
  • Most clients do not understand technical jargon and they don't care which platform to use.
  • Most clients do not know exactly what they would like to build.
  • Our job is giving clarity to their thoughts and come up with proper definition of project.
  • Mostly we decide which language, database, platform is best for the solution.
  • In all projects clients do ask for pricing models.
  • We work on hourly rates
  • We work on dedicated developer model
  • We work on fixed price project

  • In smart phone application clients are interested in knowing platforms we can build on. For e.g. iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc.

What should we more focus on?

  • services or
  • technologies we can work on or
  • both

There should be a mixture of services and technologies we work on

  • develop software for web or internet based on client's requirements
  • develop products / concepts of clients
  • we develop smart phone applications

Don't worry if it does not make any sense so far…it will from here on!

So now what was the need of creating a new website?

Recently we are going through lot of changes, the way we think, we operate, we work. We are becoming mature and we are all the more motivated (At least I think so! ;))

Well, our existing website was not conveying our new way of doing things.

It was really good, but it was just like any other IT service company website, which we don't want to be.

We were throwing lot of jargon around which our customers really don't care and even we don't care.

So there was a disconnect and I wanted to remove that.

Plus we just became 7 years old! and I wanted to do something on that occasion.

Now it has content you would like to read. It has opinion. It has meaning. It wants you to read it.

(Yes now you can go and check our new website and read this post side by side)

Some general comments:

As you can see navigation is almost not there! I did not want to have traditional navigation system and thus long pages but with less contents and something you would like to read till end.

I want user to focus on what he/she is seeing and not to unnecessary elements such as navigation, some news scroll or some fancy image on the page. User should read all the contents and go till bottom for further navigation or exit the website.

We have a website which says something, if you like it, continue else you are free to close it.

I have not included any technology / platform pages or any other such inscrutable content pages. We show what we do and what we have done. The real work. And that is why a dedicated page for each interesting project we have done.

This way we will keep adding project pages in our website and it will keep getting bigger and better. We won't have to give separate presentation of our work from now on. Our work page should say it all!

All pages are plain HTML pages, minimal scripts, minimal vulnerabilities and faster loading time.

Homepage content selection:
Thinking behind sections of homepage.

What do we do? Should be clearly told and that is why the first section. It says we develop web-based software, products and smartphone applications. Essentially this is what we do.

Equal importance should be given to our experience and our clients, so that we don't look naive and new player in the market. Thus second section on homepage.

Philosophy is something which will separate us from rest of the players and thus the third section.

Our products, though they are not the core focus right now but they are unique and generates lot of "wow!" when we let our customers know about them. So one section dedicated to that.

Nothing is worthwhile till people see our actual work. Thus dedicated section to show our recent/major/interesting work. This will keep changing as and when we finish interesting projects.

People should easily reach us, and that is why contact form on each and every page of website. We are just an email away!

Footer also says something. "Now that you have reached here, you know almost everything about us. But there is more to us."

So that's about the homepage.

Rest of the pages are self explanatory and thinking is same. Also I don't want to write a post longer than this!!

Awaiting eagerly to hear your feedback, thoughts, praise, and criticism