Spread the word: Online Voting – e-Voter Registration

by Abhishek

I received following email from State Election Commission for e-Voter registration. 

The mentioned website in the email opens blank for me on my Mac. May be it works only on IE6 on Windows 98! 

But if it works for you, you should go ahead and register yourself as e-Voter. 

Also don’t forget to spread the word…


Dear Abhishek Desai, Kuntal Shah, Nachiket Patel, Sanket Patel,

SEC would facilitate voters by providing an additional option of e-voting in the forthcoming Municipal Elections. Online Voting System is a secured, easy and convenient option to cast vote and also maintain privacy of vote cast.

Online Voting is an innovative and user friendly option wherein a voter can either choose to cast vote through internet from Personal Computer/Laptop (i.e. Option 1) or can choose to visit any of the e-Polling Booth setup by SEC to cast vote online (i.e. Option 2).

We sincerely appeal you to exercise this new option of voting. We have opened separate website http://www.onlinevotinggujarat.gov.in/? to make it convenient for you to register as an e-Voter.

To register as an e-Voter you have to simply follow the steps mentioned below:

1.  Visit the website: http://www.onlinevotinggujarat.gov.in

2.  Fill Online e-Voter Registration Form with following details, Name, Address, Age (in years and months), Email Address, and Mobile No.

3.  Select Option 1 if you wish to cast vote from your Personal Computer/Laptop.


Select Option 2 if you wish to visit e-Polling Booth to cast your vote.

4.  Once e-Voter Registration Form is successfully submitted, you will receive intimation on your screen.

5.  SEC/Electoral Registration Office personnel will also visit your residence to verify details specified in e-Voter Registration Form and will avail your signature on the printed form.

Your filled application details will be kept for future reference, however if Election is scheduled in your ward you will be promptly intimated for further actions.

It is rightly said, ?In a democracy, decisions are made by a majority of those who stand-up and be counted and vote?. Hence ensure that you cast your vote in Municipal Election to strengthen this grass-root democratic institutions. We also solicit your sincere support and cooperation in making this Online Voting drive successful.

We request you to disseminate this message among your family members/friends/colleagues/acquaintances and motivate them to register as e-Voter at the earliest and oblige.


State Election Commission, Gujarat.

————EMAIL ENDS————-