Software Products: A Highly Gratifying Business

by Abhishek

Developing software products is an amazing business. It is a very risky business with potential of huge profits or losses. As per Nassim Nicolas Taleb, it is a scalable profession.

But if your product is good it can be highly gratifying too because nothing beats the appreciation you get from the user of your product. 

I just received one such amazing appreciation from a user for Sign in Style. I would take liberty to write down the whole feedback instead of just the excerpt. 


On first impressions, I loved No. 3. As I watched the videos & looked again, that's definitely the one that looks the most like "Me"! 

I don't like the first one at all – too disjointed & a bit weird. 

The second one I quite liked as I looked again, but No. 3 is the one I will be practicing. 

I will definitely be recommending Sign in Style to people. 

It's hard for those who aren't changing their names to go through the whole saga of changing all their documents just for a new signature, but as I was changing my name and had been trying to come up with ideas myself and had found nothing that I really liked, I gave Sign in Style a try. Why? I love the way you have Sign in Style written for your logo. 

Also, you had lots of useful information about signatures, e.g. I was going to use Shas Lee and then read where I needed to use my full name for official documents and I hadn't thought of that at all. 

I am so impressed with the signature I have chosen. I hope it won't be too hard for me to master, but the video viewing definitely helps. 

Great to be able to save all the files so easily to my computer too. 

Excellent value for the price! 

You definitely deserve more than 5 stars. I would give you a rating of 6 stars plus for the whole package and for Signature No. 3. 

I am really excited about it. 

Thank you so much. 

Warmest Regards, 


This makes us all proud. Proud of the fact that we have created something which can be so important for few people in the world. 

I love my company and this business!