Recommended books for Software Product Management and Team Building

by Abhishek

My colleague Kuntal wanted to read some books related to software product development and team building. Just to give you a little background, he is heading a team of around 10 super cool developers in our company. His team is building arguably the best product so far developed by us for client.

I did some quick “Stack Overflowing” instead of Googling and found two related links.

Apart from some good books, above link has some good online resources too for a software product manager.

The following link is about team building

Go ahead and see if you find something interesting in above two links.

But I still go with tried and tested ones (in no particular order)

Let me know if you have read any other interesting books related to Software Product Management and Team Building.

If you are a software developer or a project manager or a QA or a designer and have not read any of the above books yet, you should have them in your wishlist now!!