My version of “Getting Your Résumé Read”

by Abhishek

I get lot of résumés via email on a daily basis. Mostly they come from our website or people just know my email address from some random database.

I almost immediately hit “Delete” in most cases.


Well, here are some of the reasons in that particular order:
  1. It is sent to 100 HR email addresses at once.
  2. It is written using poor English. 
  3. It has spelling mistakes.
  4. It is written in a generic language i.e. it is a spam which is sent to multiple email addresses but one by one this time. It also means candidate has done no research whatsoever before applying to my company. I understand we are not a big or a very popular company and the candidate may have better things to do but in that case, please don’t apply.
Now here are some tips on how to apply:
  1. Don’t send to all HR email addresses at once. I am human too and I want to feel important when I receive an email which is sent only to me.
  2. Do some research about the company you are applying to. If it looks like just another company looking at the website, it won’t take much time also. Mention some of their projects or products in your email and show some desire for working on such projects. I know you would be lying but it will make the receiver feel good.
  3. Mention about your academic projects. Most people won’t even download your resume. Write about your work in email body only. Don’t print the whole résumé here but write some highlights of your career so far. It shows you have done some real work and you are proud of it.
  4. Proof read your email or get it checked by somebody else with a good command over English.
  5. And last but not least, make sure there are no spelling mistakes. Please! 
I know above steps are time consuming and being a fresh graduate you don’t have a lot of time on hands but believe me I am saving your time here.

Instead of 100 companies apply only to 10. Be selective. Look at their websites, do you find them different? You don’t want to start your career with just another IT company right?

Follow what I said and it will work out better than spamming. I guarantee it.

Well you can ignore me on this but you simply can’t ignore what Joel Spolsky has to say on this topic.

PS: I swear I didn’t read above article before writing my own version of it! 🙂