My digital life!

by Abhishek

In my previous article, Paras commented following:

"Hi Abhishek, i have been following your blog for quite a while now. i have just one complain: blog frequently please, if possible!

The best thing about your blog posts are that they point to some of the best resources that one can leverage. Like in this post you have couple of book titles that prompts reader to try on their own.

In your post, how to become a world class engineers – you pointed out to some great resources. For instance, google reader. i had not used it before i read your blog post – now it's one of ma favorite tool."

I was very humbled by his complain about blogging often. I am working on it (and thus this post!)

But it made me realize one more thing as well, which is sharing the resources I use and love. This would be useful for all the under graduate students who are in search for best resources on web and mobile to increase productivity and happiness. Obviously these are my personal choices so may not be "The Best" choice for you, but for me they are.

So here are some of the best Web-based services, iPhone Applications I use and love:

Gmail – Best email application. Works like a charm in iPhone browser too.

Google Reader – The best RSS reader. Superb on iPhone.

Google Docs – Have almost replaced MS Office for me

Basecamp – Best project management tool I have worked with so far. Now it has a mobile site which is simply superb. Just open up in your iPhone and see the magic!

Evernote – "Your extended brain" as they say it. Store any kind of notes seamlessly from any device. Search notes including text in the photos as well!. Works best when you have it on Mac and on iPhone.

Dropbox – Best file sharing service. Again from any device anywhere. Works best if you have it on Mac and iPhone.

Skype – For audio, video and text communication with clients. Once more works best on Mac and iPhone!

Cleartrip – Although I hardly travel but whenever I book tickets I use cleartrip. Clear, fast and best.

Flipkart – I am a big fan of this site. I can safely call them Amazon of India. They deliver books at your doorstep. I must have ordered around 100 books so far, haven't had a single hiccup till now!

Checkdomain – To quickly check if the domain name is available or not.

Mediatemple – Best hosting provider I have worked with so far. They also have a iPhone compatible website.

Facebook – Needs no explanation. Facebook for iPhone is arguably the best iPhone app out there.

Twitter for iPhone – Alternate love of mine (

Tweetdeck – Twitter client for mac

Filezilla – FTP client for mac

TextWrangler – Text editor for mac

Posterous – Blogging made easy! I am typing this post in my gmail right now. After finishing I will just send an email to and voila! It will be up on this blog in few seconds and my twitter and facebook status will be updated automatically!. Needless to say they also have a wonderful iPhone app.

Some of the Blogs I follow and love:

Signal vs Noise
Seth Godin
Paul Graham (He writes essays so you won't get an RSS feed but Google Reader can create it for you)
Joel on Software (He does not write new posts now, but it is worth exploring all of his old articles. Especially for programmers, go ahead and read each and every article he has written so far. Warning: It may take a very long time to do that as he has written great articles for 10 years!!)
Coding Horror
Get Real Column from Inc Magazine

This is not an exhaustive list but contains almost all major things in my digital life.

You might have realized one thing here. These all services give best results and greater satisfaction when you use them on a desktop (or laptop) and on an iPhone. They all have wonderful iPhone apps and work seamlessly with their desktop counterpart.

Now you should understand the reason why I asked you to get a Mac and an iPhone before 🙂