by Abhishek

I recently read a book called “Microinteractions” by Dan Saffer. I am fascinated by the concept. And Dan has done a brilliant job explaining it with various examples. So what is a Microinteraction?

A microinteraction is a contained product moment that revolves around a single use case – a tiny piece of functionality that only does one thing.

For e.g. Sign Up form

Whenever you

  • change a setting,
  • sync your data or device,
  • set an alarm,
  • pick a password,
  • turn on your appliance,
  • login,
  • set a status message,
  • like something,

you are engaging with a microinteraction.

Microinteractions are not features. For e.g. music player is a feature but adjusting a volume is a microinteraction inside that feature.

The difference between a product you love and product you tolerate is often the micro interactions you have with it.

I didn’t want to wait till all our designers read the book on their own. So to make everyone’s life easier and give them a jump start, I compiled the important concepts and examples in a presentation.

We had a wonderful interactive session during this presentation and I am sure you can do the same with your colleagues.

PS: I had to take down the presentation from Slideshare because O’Reilly might consider it as a copyright violation. But I encourage to read the book and make your own.