Is Facebook Bigger Than I Thought?

by Abhishek

I was losing interest in using Facebook. I really thought Facebook is going to disappear very soon and will be replaced by smaller but niche social networks eventually.

But one interesting observation in my recent trip to Orlando made me think about Facebook all over again.

The hotel I was in Orlando had a computer in the reception area. It was open for all guests for browsing Internet.

Now whenever I was passing through reception, I observed what people were browsing. Almost every time I saw Facebook! Not Google+ nor Twitter nor Gmail nor Yahoo, only and only 

I myself almost never used Twitter during the trip. I checked Emails, Techmeme and Facebook!

That made me wonder is Facebook bigger than I think?

Based on the recent changes they are doing to the profile and hearing about Project Spartan I must say I am now more positive for Facebook than ever. 

What do you think? How much time do you spend on Facebook in a week? Do you think Facebook is going to stay here for long?