iPad – Nirvana for Small Businesses?

by Abhishek

I can say, I am really lucky to be alive in this era. An era where Apple is dominating the tech world. Love it or hate it, you have to accept, Apple (and Google too) has changed the way we see technology.  

"Gadgets too can be sleek, smart, stylish and usable now!!", Apple has proved that.

We all are seeing lot of changes around us because of iPhones and iPads (Android, Blackberry are also included!). 

But for this post I am interested in thinking how iPad can change the small businesses around us.

My view points are purely based on gut feeling (or common sense and observations) and not on numbers so take them with a pinch of salt.

Small businesses (generally factories, industries etc) in and around cities like Ahmedabad could never get completely computerized. They were not willing to spend money on software.

Because there were too many limitations.
  • They had to have a desktop computer somewhere in field
  • They had to put someone to man that computer (so additional training)
  • LAN cabling was required
  • Some times even internet was needed (what a demand?!!)
  • Bosses could see the reports on their computers only, which generally they are not fond of using
  • Software is almost always buggy and expensive
  • And of course Viruses!! (So have to do AMC with a third class vendor)
In short they were in lot of pain.

Couple of major things have changed recently
  • WiFi setup is easy and affordable so no need for LAN cabling
  • Internet connectivity has improved a lot and it has become cheaper too
  • 3G too is available now (in case salesman are required on the fields)
But still a "desktop" or a "laptop" was a major hindrance. iPad has changed that now.

  • It has no viruses
  • It is mobile
  • Long battery life
  • Robust OS
  • WiFi and 3G connectivity
  • No cables
  • Native powerful applications can be built up on it (Yes they too are expensive to build)
  • Bosses like it because it starts instantly and they can show it off!! 🙂
  • It is much much easier to use (my 1 year old daughter could use it without any training and just by observing)
  • It costs almost same as Desktop computer (and comes without an AMC)
Almost a state of "Nirvana"!!

Based on above simple observations, I believe there is a huge potential for enterprise level iPad apps in small businesses

Same thing applies for our homes and education. You can easily see your grand father, mom or child using an iPad but never a desktop computer.

What do you think? Will you buy an iPad instead of a desktop in your home or for your small business?