If you could only take one or two software products to market, what would they be and why?

by Abhishek

I came across above questions on Quora.

My first reaction was to mention some cool well-known products, which I wish I could have taken to market. But that would have been a shallow answer. Thinking about it for some more time, I came up with following.

The scale at which software products (and thus a software engineer) can affect human lives is unparalleled.

For e.g. billions of people get affected daily by software products like Google (the search engine), Facebook, Whatsapp, Microsoft Windows, Office, Chrome Browser, etc.

No other product, service, or business (and thus profession) can affect human lives at this scale daily. For e.g. Cars (Engineers) can affect millions of people only if very successful. Medicines (Pharmacists) can affect millions of people only if it cures a generic illness. Buildings (Architects) can affect a few thousand people daily only if it is located in a busy downtown.

Software Product Development is a “scalable” profession and fortunately I am in that profession.

So if I could take only one or two software products to market, I would create something, which can affect lives of billions of people or at least a few millions.

ReadBoard is one such product, I am working on. There is one more but that is the story of another post.

Which products you will bring to market, if given a choice?