How do you present your work to clients?

by Abhishek

As a software developer or a web designer how do you present your work? And why it is important? 

I will give you a real life example.

Initially @digicorp when we were naive professionals, we used to present logos to client in a very primitive fashion.

We used to attach logos in an email as JPGs or PDFs and send them to client. And we used to provide minimum 2-3 options of logo.

Most of the times client might like one option but always wanted more options. More options mean more choices and more choices mean confusion for clients.

We used to spend a lot of time in designing logos.  But we learned over the period of time and saw how other well known design agencies did that.

Here is how we present our logos to client now (in a proper HTML page):

And guess what? In most cases, client approves it within seconds! We rarely have to provide another option now.

I agree our quality of design has changed but few other things are also changed.

We of course made it look prettier and all but most important of all, we are telling a story with every logo now. (Check “Mood Board” and “Designer Notes” section in above logos)

“Telling stories is by far the most under rated skill in business.” – From Crush It by Gary Veynerchuk

However short it may be, always try to tell a story when you present your work to client. And that is why good writing skills are so important for programmers and designers. Real good companies hire programmers and designers who are good writers.  

Hope this post helps you make a better presentation next time.

Please share if you have any other interesting ways to present your work to clients.