Federer Beaten : End of an Era?

by Abhishek

I never though I would write this but I think I have to because I am feeling too low today. Yesterday was a great day.

There was India vs Sri Lanka in Asia Cup final. There was British Grand Prix and above all there was Wimbeldon Final, Federer vs Nadal. What a day !

I was not excited about anything but this match. I had a great start of the day beating our traditional rivals in local cricket match. I performed great taking 6 wickets in 4 overs with a hattrick! (for those who does not know cricket it will be tough to understand)

I was upbeat about the final and our family was divided between Federer and Nadal. Well there was only one person on Nadal’s side and that was my youngest brother in law, Vivek. After some time Chintan and Anjali came over and both the team had one more supporter to them. Anjali was accompanying Vivek.

We had almost lost hope when Nadal beat Federer in 2 straight sets but still we were hanging there. In 3rd set rain came into play and play was suspended for long time. After that I have not seen the live match but wake up with a disappointment when I saw the score first thing in the morning.

I just love Federer’s game too much to believe this. He is a maestro in a true sense. I don’t think player like him will be born again. I don’t think I will be watching tennis this intensly once he retires. Well I just hope that he come back next year and take the title to beat every record of Sampras and Bjone Borg.

This is end of an Era in certain sense because now Federer will never be able to beat Bjone Borg’s record of 5 straight Wimbledon titles. He will have to share this record with him forever. He has lost the winning streak on grass which he might not be able to get back now.

But I am sure this is not an end to his greatness. He has many titles to won and many records to break. Long live Federer, Long live this Rivalry.

Signing off!