Do you really need a software?

by Abhishek

Think hard before you make a decision to go for a custom made software.

The first question you should ask is "Do you really need a software at all?"

If your business can go on without any software, it's the best case. Get it only after your life becomes miserable without one.

Let's say your life has become miserable without software and you really want to get one.

Now ask this question,

"Can I solve the problem with an off-the-shelf software?"

Yes you will have to change your processes to suit such software but sometimes it is a better choice. 

And even if this is not possible then think about building a custom software.

Identifying requirements, Creating documents, Finding the right vendor, Budgeting, Implementation, Deployment can be a long and painful process. Most software projects fail in any one of the above stages.

You might be wondering why a person who is in creating custom software business giving this advice?

Well, I really want clients who are 100% sure what they are getting into. Life becomes so much easier after that.

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