Developers: Start Building Your Reputation Now Before It’s Too Late

by Abhishek

A question to all the developers who may read this post

How many of you know

If you do not know it yet, it is a real shame because it is the best Q&A site out there in the market where you can get quick answers to your technical questions. Experts and some great developers are sitting there round the clock answering all the questions they can answer.

You know why they are doing it?

To build their reputation. 

As a developer nothing is more important for you other than your reputation. Every answer you give here, based on the ratings from other people of your answer you build your reputation.

This is the new CV for developers. You just give your profile on as your resume and it will speak for you. Forget those long CV.doc which no one real reads in any case.

For e.g. this is my reputation

Now I am not a hardcore developer so for me it is ok to have a very low reputation as above but for you (developers) it is not.

Following is the kind of reputation you should aim for yourself in couple of years.

I know money is important and all but surely time will come in your life when it is not, reputation will be more important at that time and more money will not come without that.

So don’t just chase money earlier in your career (especially fresh developers in India), be in the race for building reputation as well, because in few years that will be the only thing which will count. Mark my word for that.