Computer Engineering Students: Get ready for the real world

by Abhishek

Recently I interacted with 3 bright students who are just about to start their 7th Semester of Computer Engineering. They have to do a year long industry project.

GTU (Gujarat Technical University) provides this weird guideline on how they should do the project. Students have to just understand the project definition in their 7th Semester and do the actual coding in 8th Semester.

Its really funny.

6 months for understanding the project and for creating the documents, students may never create in their real life. For e.g. ERD, DFD, Class Diagram etc.

If they are creating a web based project, why can’t they just go ahead and create HTML mockups right away? Something which works in real life.

Anyways, I am really truly saddened by the current state of our college education system. Especially in engineering colleges of Gujarat. I can’t comment on other colleges and especially not on IITs.

But I was a student in one of these engineering institutes of Gujarat and now running a software company here so I have a fair idea about the system as of now.

I really wanted to do something about it. That is why I started this blog. Occasionally I write about topics which may be of importance to fellow students. But the irony is, students don’t even know, they should read blogs!!

Who will tell them that… they should start reading blogs as soon as they enter college?

… they should start coding as soon as they enter college, regardless of their syllabus?

… they should learn spoken English and start working on improving writing skills as soon as they enter college?

… they should start contributing on open source projects?

… they should have a strong profile on “StackOverFlow” and should be active member of “Hacker News” before they come out of college?

Lecturers or professors can’t tell them because probably even they don’t know. They never went to an IT company before becoming a lecturer or a professor. I don’t blame them.

There is a huge gap between students coming out of these engineering colleges and students needed by the IT companies. I smell an opportunity here for Entrepreneurs.

I am thinking on how to solve this problem but meanwhile following articles from my blog may help students reading this blog.

If you are a computer engineering student and you have read it till here, please take some time out and read following articles carefully.

Give them a proper thought. Let me know if I am wrong anywhere. Comment, contribute and start acting NOW.

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8) Infosys, TCS or Wipro from Susam Pal

I hope you find them useful.

Please share articles in comments which are beneficial for students if you know any.