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Due to the nature of my business, I come across various situations where I have to justify one technology platform over the other because client insists on one over the other. Mostly their reasons are not sound but I don’t blame them as software is not their primary business. Few months back I was asked […]

Google vs Bing

When I do a Google search for words like “Euro 2012” or “French Open 2012”, I immediately get scores of all the past, current and future matches along with their timings in IST. This is EXACTLY what I want.  When I do the same in Bing, all I get is this boring search result. Duh! […]

Facebook Application vs A Website with Facebook Connect

Recently I had a discussion with my client about which one is better: 1) A Facebook Application OR 2) A Website with Facebook Connect I searched for an answer and found following 2 very good articles. Choosing Between a Facebook Application or a Facebook Connect Website http://blog.newscloud.com/2011/02/choosing-between-a-facebook-application-or-a-facebook-connect-website.html Facebook Canvas Apps vs Facebook Connect for Websites: […]

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