Are you living someone else’s life?

by Abhishek

The demise of Steve Jobs was kind of a shocker for me. He was too precious human being to die this soon. 

But it made me ask this question to myself.

“Am I living someone else’s life?”

Because if I am, it is too sad as life is short and unpredictable and you get only one shot at it.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, you need to watch this video:

For those of you, who have watched it, you should watch it again, for Steve’s sake.

Well in my case I am sure living my life the way I wanted to. 

I have a wonderful family, wife and two lovely kids.

I am running an enviable company with 3 of my best friends. People working for Digicorp are amazing.   

Well I am always short of money but I guess that’s ok. I am sure I will have enough one day!

Yeah, I have great brothers-in-law too! I play cricket every Saturday / Sunday evening and a match on Sunday Morning!

These all makes my life complete and worth living. I am glad I am not living someone else’s life. 

Are you living someone else’s life?