A great way to help people

by Abhishek

I had written this post couple of years back when I was using Dell Inspiron 1150 and solved the display driver issues with new Windows 7 Beta release then.

I am simply amazed by the fact that it is still helping a lot of people. I am so glad I wrote a post about it.

This is the power of blogging. 

You write something worthwhile and it remains there on the internet for posterity helping unimaginable number of people.

Of course Google and Forums play a vital part as people still need to find your post but they are doing a great job at that already.

So if you really want to help people, when you solve any kind of problem, just write a post about it. 

You don't require technical skills or even good writing skills. It doesn't have to be a 500 words post.   

Don't worry if you don't even have a blog, just email your post to post@posterous.com and it will do the rest for you! (Like the way I am doing right now)

Happy blogging and keep helping!