8 Reasons to Work at Digg

by Abhishek

I would have one email like this shortly for my company with similar contents 🙂

via Digg the Blog by quinn on 9/30/08

Calling all Diggers,

If you’re keen to work at Digg, here are 8 solid reasons to send us your resume right away:

8. You’ll Digg the DigDug
When Kurt isn’t solving complex infrastructure problems, he’s working on his DigDug high score. Think you can beat it? Think again. And while you’re thinking, how about sending in that resume?
7. Reduce your CO2 footprint
Digg is bicycle friendly. So why not help save the planet while getting a workout? Digg is easily accessible from most of San Francisco or from the peninsula via Caltrain. What’s more, you can park your bike by your desk. So hop on your fixie, cruiser, or pink folding commuter with a basket and handlebar tassles and pedal on over to Digg.
6. You can snuggle up to the Digg pets
The Digg office has dogs aplenty and the occasional visit by “Pistol”, Digg’s very own guinea pig. Mmmmm, yummy little guinea pig. (Please don’t let on to Jim that we know Pistol is really a ferret.)
5. We’re located in San Francisco’s best neighborhood
Digg is located in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood, boasting one of the best micro-climates in the city and lots of great places to eat and drink. Our local coffee shop, Farley’s, claims that it’s San Francisco’s best independent coffee house. Perhaps, but just don’t ask for a low fat latte – you won’t be welcomed back. 🙂
4. The fridge is always well-stocked
The Digg fridge is kept well-stocked at all times. And don’t forget Digg’s weekly “Wine Wednesdays.”
3. You’ll grow to love your MacBook Pro
Ah, the simple pleasure of an MacBook Pro and a 30″ monitor. Now if I could only figure out where my right mouse button has gone…
2. Who can’t use 20 PTO days?
At Digg you’ll enjoy 20 PTO days, 11 paid company holidays, a great health plan and a wellness (gym) reimbursement.
1. We Rock
The best reason to come and work at Digg: we rock. Or we try to. Don’t take my word for it – watch the video.

Digg is hiring in Development, R&D, QA, Product, and other areas. Check out the jobs page for details.