2012: Either it is a doomsday or a high class company

by Abhishek

I recently came across a very interesting TED talk shared by a colleague.

Simon Sinek on How great leaders inspire action 

The gist of the talk is:

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it?”

It made me ask “Why?” to myself, for everything I do in life and especially it made me ask:

“Why am I running Digicorp?”

When we started, one goal was clear, we wanted to make a company which doesn’t suck for developers. We wanted to be a good employer. We wanted to trust our employees to the fullest. So much that in earlier days a gaming session was compulsory after  lunch. We all played Need For Speed together on a network! It was fun.

Yup this sounds like a dream when you are small but trust me it is very hard when your team grows. 

Trusting that everyone will do their job in time with utmost sincerity is really hard. We became skeptical of our ideals. We created some weird HR policies which were not true to the “Good employer” goal.

This was the time when we were not enjoying our work. Fortunately it didn’t last long. 

We came back to our senses and realized we can grow and yet enjoy what we do. We chucked off our boring HR policies and created a new one. Of course some basic rules are there but no “evil” types like you have to be in front of your computer before 9:30AM else forget about your half day salary!!

Again as I said, this is very hard. When you see somebody on Facebook 2-3 times a day, you will wonder if that person is actually working or enjoying on your salary!!

But there are 10 good people for one facebook addict like this. And trusting everyone to the fullest is the only solution to this problem. We try very hard to treat all our employees like adults.

So the first goal is:

“Treat your employees as adults and trust them to the fullest”

Second goal is:

“Get rid of mediocrity and make software simple”

We are not here to make mediocre software. There are lots of mediocre software companies around us but I don’t want Digicorp to be one of them.

We believe software can be simple and yet high class. This belief was not there when we started. I would say, we were not mature enough then. But as we came across more and more influential people ranging from Steve Jobs to Jason Fried, our belief got stronger. 

Yes, not everything we make for our clients is simple and high class. Sometimes things are not in your hands but yes we want to keep it simple as far as we can. Not all clients know what they are building, it is our job to tell them what is right and how it should be?

This thought is slowly getting ingrained in my brain. 

As soon as I see a website or a software which does not make sense in first 30 seconds, I start finding what we can change there. I have to train my team for the same now and this is my new year’s resolution.

Some of them are already getting it but not everyone. My job is to make them understand. 

Digicorp is here to make simple and high class software. If our clients don’t understand, make them understand. 
  • Make them understand, why making another Facebook is not a good idea. 
  • Make them understand, you don’t need gazillion features in version 1.
  • Make them understand, you just can’t build a cool web-based app and sit tight hoping it will become successful overnight! Building the app is only the first step. There is a long way to go from there.
If I achieve above two goals, I guess I will be on my way to achieve following

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it?

– Because lot of people believe that software can be simple and yet high class and I am sure I will attract them. They are perfect clients for me. 

– And lot of good software developers will be attracted to Digicorp because of the culture we have created. They will be a perfect fit if they believe in what we are doing! 

So 2012, here I come. Either it is a doomsday or this, whichever comes sooner!

This is my new year’s resolution, what’s yours?