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Make sense of your site: tips for webpage design

Make sense of your site: tips for webpage design via The Official Google Blog by A Googler on 3/16/09 This is the second post in The Power of Measurement series. These posts are designed to cover ways to make your website as successful as possible, especially in the current economic climate. Here, Website Optimizer whiz […]

The World’s Largest MMORPG: You’re Playing it Right Now

The World's Largest MMORPG: You're Playing it Right Now via Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood on 3/16/09 I was struck by the conclusion of Andy Oram’s thoughtful piece on the next generation of online forums. People who want to learn more about computer technology and solve problems they encounter on their systems currently have a […]

Where have all the agents gone?

Where have all the agents gone? via Seth's Blog by Seth Godin on 3/17/09 Travel agents… gone.Stock brokers… gone.Real estate brokers… in trouble. Photographer’s agents, too.Literary agents? The problem with being a helpful, efficient but largely anonymous middleman is pretty obvious. Someone can come along who is cheaper, faster and more efficient. And that someone […]

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